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About us

Experience in retreading since 1975

Top quality & reliability

The company GIZAS KONSTANTINOS was founded in 1975 with the main activity of retreading. The founder of the company is Gizas Petros. From 2014 the company passed to the second generation to Mr. Gizas Konstantinos.

The headquarters of the company is in Ioannina in the Region of Epirus Greece. The company operates exclusively with the retreading of tires for trucks-vans-bobcat-agricultural. We also undertake the repair of all types of tires. Since 1988 the company cooperates permanently and exclusively with BANDAG AG a subsidiary of the largest tire company BRIDGESTONE.

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Certified services

Our company’s goal is to manufacture and supply quality retreaded tires to our customers (fleets, tire shops, individual motorists, vulcanizers) based on the strict rules set by BANDAG AG for their construction.

The quality of our tires is certified every year by leading certification companies in Germany, successfully passing the most demanding tests following the guidelines of the European Union for retreading (ECE 109).

The modern machines, the high quality of the materials, the know-how and the immediate service guarantee the high quality of our products and services.

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